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Gifted is a model of exchange based on giving. It's an invitation to give and receive freely and to support each other's work.

I'm inspired to give my music as a gift and I invite folks to also give what you feel inspired to.
There's no price tag, because you're not being asked to buy something, but to collaborate in making it possible.

This kind of model is most powerful when we talk and stay connected, so feel free to get in touch with ideas and feedback.

Thanks for your interest, inspiration and support!

Peace - Matre


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Track 5: "Traveller" (REMIX)
Featuring Mikael H. & The Siberians

Hot off the press! Recorded in Helsinki Finland just a few days ago, this song was inspired by the original track by my boy Mikael H, from his new album "The President of Venice Beach" ( I was listening to the original with our friend John one morning a few weeks back and realized how much it connected with where I'm at, and things I've been feeling recently. I had the idea to do the remix with my verses and Mikael's original verses as the new chorus. It was a deep process writing it... reflected a lot on the last few months, a time of much change... I got inspired by the track and it opened the door to tell this story, a portrait of this time period... Big thanks to Mikael and his band... Hype to release it... Enjoy!